Drooling and crying at the same time The artist showed

“Drooling and crying at the same time”: The artist showed what Anor Londo from Dark Souls looks like on Unreal Engine 5

The city of the gods Anor Londo is already impressive in the original Dark Souls, but what effect would the iconic location have had if it had been rendered in Unreal Engine 5? This question also interested the artist SilasCG.

    Image Source: Steam (Melitele)

Image Source: Steam (Melitele)

To satisfy his curiosity, enthusiast Anor ported Londo directly to Unreal Engine 5. All materials (except for a few elements) were taken directly from the first Dark Souls.

In a minute and a half video, SilasCG showed what Anor Londo looks like with modern, high-quality lighting: The video included the city’s most important landmarks, including the arena of the battle with Ornstein and Smough.

The audience appreciated SilasCG’s work. Comments under the video on YouTube, Reddit And ResetEra crackle with positive feedback and emotional reactions like “I’m drooling and crying at the same time” out of FennPoutine.

The SilasCG video brought involuntary tears to Dark Souls fans as some felt the original Dark Souls needed a graphics update that was more serious than the five-year-old remaster.

    Image source: SilasCG

Image source: SilasCG

According to SilasCG, there are still a few more videos in production showing footage from old Unreal Engine 5 games, as well as a number of “Complete Remakes” certain levels.

The original Dark Souls released on PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2011, was ported to PC in 2012, and received a remaster in 2018 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. For the time being, fans can only dream of a remake.

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