Dreams come true Eight minutes of gameplay from Dragons Dogma

“Dreams come true”: Eight minutes of gameplay from Dragon’s Dogma II thrilled fans

The Japanese publisher and developer Capcom during a presentation at the Tokyo Game Show 2023 demonstrated a long gameplay video of their open-world fantasy action game Dragon’s Dogma II.

    Image source: Capcom

Image source: Capcom

The events of Dragon’s Dogma II will take place in two kingdoms: Vermund and Battal. The former is ruled by humans and is full of green meadows, while the latter is home to the beastmen and is full of canyons and ancient ruins upon which cities are built.

Outside the settlements, you can set up a camp, meet travelers looking for the hero, or ride an oxcart to a big city. However, attacks on the means of transport can occur during the journey.

    This Cyclops, knocked down by the player, turned out to be a good bridge over the abyss

This Cyclops, knocked down by the player, turned out to be a good bridge over the abyss

The system of professions (classes) returns: at the beginning, users will have access to basic roles – fighter, archer, thief and magician – and as the level increases it will be possible to use hybrid roles (archer-magician, mysterious spearman). ).

Dragon’s Dogma II development lead Hideaki Itsuno also said that the game is pitch black (and unique monsters) at night and that you can use elements of the environment against enemies.

The demo lasted nine minutes, with around eight minutes of gameplay shown. Fans were hungry for Dragon’s Dogma (the first one came out more than 10 years ago) and loved it. “Dreams come true”secure Joao Pedro Vieira Camargo.

Dragon’s Dogma II is being created for PC (Steam), PS5, Xbox Series X and S. Release dates have not yet been announced. The game will be a single player game, but up to three characters (AI-controlled partners) can travel around the world with the player.

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