Drake and The Weeknds AI generated song wont win a Grammy

Drake and The Weeknd’s AI-generated song won’t win a Grammy Award

Previously, the media wrote that the song “Heart on My Steeve”, generated using a neural network based on the vocals of Drake and The Weeknd, will qualify for the prestigious Grammy Award. Now National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences President Harvey Mason Jr. has said the track will not be nominated.

    Image source: Elice Moore / unsplash.com

Image source: Elice Moore / unsplash.com

Mr. Mason refuted his own earlier statement that the track in question could win a Grammy because it involved human participation. Earlier this week, Mason told reporters that “Heart on My Steeve” “fully meets the requirements as it was written by one person”.

“To be clear: Although it was written by a human, the vocals were not legally acquired, no permission was obtained for the use of the vocals from the label or artists, the song is not commercially available and therefore cannot be used “not be included in the list”Mason said in an interview with reporters.

We would like to remind you that the author of the composition was a person nicknamed Ghostwriter, who used the text of his own composition and the voices of famous performers generated by a neural network. It was reported that the track will simultaneously qualify for awards in two categories: “Best Rap Song” and “Song of the Year” (both awards are traditionally given to the author of the composition, not its performer). Although Heart on My Steeve will not receive the prestigious award, Mason hinted that songs created using artificial intelligence may be nominated for a Grammy in the future.

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