Dragons Dogma II has been rated Adults Only it

Dragon’s Dogma II has been rated “Adults Only” – it looks like a release is imminent

The fantasy action film Dragon’s Dogma II was announced last summer but does not yet have a release date. Having a rough idea of ​​when to expect release will help you determine the first age rating the game will receive.

    Image source: Capcom

Image source: Capcom

As mentioned in Chronicle of Video Games (VGC) was classified in Saudi Arabia on the eve of Dragon’s Dogma II. General Commission for Audiovisual Media (GCAM) appropriated The game is rated “for ages 18+.”

What is noteworthy is the fact that Dragon’s Dogma II received an age rating in Saudi Arabia, as games are usually only classified shortly (several months) before release.

    Image source: GCAM

Image source: GCAM

Capcom hasn’t officially announced when it plans to release Dragon’s Dogma II, but the Japanese publisher has revealed a release date for the first quarter of 2024 (see below). Answer to the fifth question) an unknown large-scale project. It could very well be Dragon’s Dogma II.

In addition, as VGC journalists recall, Dragon’s Dogma II was available for personal viewing by visitors to the Japanese exhibition Tokyo Game Show 2023, which may also indicate the relative proximity of the release.

    Fans are waiting for the release of Dragon's Dogma II (Image source: Capcom)

Fans are waiting for the release of Dragon’s Dogma II (Image source: Capcom)

The developers of Dragon’s Dogma II promise a detailed fantasy world, giant monsters, character customization, realistic physics, advanced AI and great graphics.

Dragon’s Dogma II will be released for PC (Steam), PS5, Xbox Series .


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