Dozens of artists say AI will benefit art but it

Dozens of artists say AI will benefit art, but it has yet to be regulated

A group of artists approached us with an open offer by letter to the US Congress, arguing that generative AI could be a useful tool in art. They insist that the creative community be included in discussions about how this technology should be regulated. Artists also see AI as a tool that lowers barriers to entry into the profession, but raise concerns about potential negative perceptions of works created with artificial intelligence.

    Image Source: Jackson_Toonz / Pixabay

Image Source: Jackson_Toonz / Pixabay

In recent years, the question of the impact of AI on various areas of human activity, including art, has been actively discussed. Recently, a group of artists wrote an open letter to the US Congress supporting the use of generative AI in the field of art, emphasizing that modern technological tools have been used in music, art and other media for decades.

In the letter, the artists stressed that AI could lower the barriers to entry into art, traditionally reserved for wealthy people with the right social connections. However, they also raised concerns that the AI ​​work could be misinterpreted as mere reproduction of existing work or even data theft.

The letter’s authors urged authorities to include them in the dialogue on regulating generative AI to prevent exploitation of artists’ labor by large corporations and other structures.

However, the letter also met with criticism. Some argue that it fails to sufficiently highlight the serious problems surrounding the creation of AI systems, with massive copyright infringements that allow companies to exploit artists’ works for commercial purposes without their consent and payment of royalties.

An open letter from artists to the US Congress underscores the need to strike a balance between innovation and protecting the rights of content creators in the digital arts era. There is hope that the state will listen to the opinion of the professional community, which is striving to create a more diverse and representative group of AI advisors.

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