Dont play with my feelings Gearbox excited long awaited Borderlands 4

“Don’t play with my feelings”: Gearbox excited long-awaited Borderlands 4 fans with a four-year-old video

More than four years have passed since the release of Borderlands 3, and some believe that the time has come for a sequel (or at least its announcement). Recent activity of developers on social networks has led fans to believe that this is where everything is heading.

  Image source: Steam (Raudeck)

Image source: Steam (Raudeck)

The fan community was excited by the recent publication official microblog Borderlands one and a half minute video four years ago (see video below) with a retelling of the events of the first numbered game in the series.

The original video was published in April 2019. He was soon followed similar video on Borderlands 2. Thus, the retellings were located between the March announcement and the May reveal of Borderlands 3.

In the comments to the post, fans perceived the sudden publication of a video retelling the plot of Borderlands as an overt teaser for the next part of the series: “Don’t play with my feelings”asks ModernWarzone.

As mentioned, Borderlands 3 was announced in March 2019 and released just six months later in September. Fans hope that an equally short period between presentation and release awaits the conditional Borderlands 4.

  Image Source: Gearbox Software

Image Source: Gearbox Software

In 2021, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford hinted for the next Borderlands, and in November 2023, an ex-studio employee mentioned Borderlands 4 in his resume (and then replaced it with “unannounced sequel”).

This coming summer, on August 9, the official film adaptation of Borderlands will premiere in theaters. In the publication Forbes It is suggested that the announcement of Borderlands 4 may coincide with the release of the film.

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