Dobby is almost free exclusive PlayStation content will soon appear

Dobby is almost free: exclusive PlayStation content will soon appear in other versions of Hogwarts Legacy

The fantasy action role-playing game Hogwarts Legacy hasn’t received a major update since last summer, but publisher Warner Bros. has a release date in 2024. Avalanche Software games and developers have prepared good news for fans.

    Image source: Steam (Rdx)

Image source: Steam (Rdx)

How Reports Official Hogwarts Legacy microblog: Next summer, exclusive game content will temporarily reach users outside of the PlayStation, initially only available on Japanese consoles.

We’re talking about the “Hogsmeade Haunted Shop” quest, the associated dungeon, access to your own shop in Hogsmeade, a set with the owner’s appearance and a recipe for the “Felix Felicis” potion (available for pre-order).

On PC, this content was unlocked by crafters in the early days of Hogwarts Legacy Early Access, but it has not yet been officially released on the platform (and on consoles in addition to PlayStation).

    Screenshot of the same quest (Image source: Warner Bros. Games)

Screenshot of the same quest (Image source: Warner Bros. Games)

Judging by the wording in the tweet, the creators’ plans are not limited to unlocking content exclusively for PlayStation consoles on other Hogwarts Legacy target platforms.

Along with temporarily exclusive content from PlayStation consoles, the developers are planning to release it “Additional updates and features”. Details are expected in the coming months.

Hogwarts Legacy was released in February 2023 on PC (Steam, EGS), PS5, Xbox Series X and S and subsequently appeared on PS4 and Xbox One as well as Nintendo Switch. Sales of the game exceed 22 million copies.

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