Disney hints at imminent announcement of new Star Wars game

Disney and Lucasfilm in publications on the official Star Wars website presented a plan to announce a new product based on the “stellar” universe every Tuesday until the end of this year.

Image Source: Star Wars

Image Source: Star Wars

The initiative is called Bring Home the Bounty and will mostly be devoted to a variety of themed goods (figurines, clothes, books, etc.), but the campaign, apparently, will also find a place for video game content.

The Bring Home the Bounty schedule released by Disney and Lucasfilm (see image below) for December 14 has an announcement indicated by the controller. This is probably a new Star Wars game.



According to unconfirmed reports from insider Tom Henderson, the unannounced Star Wars game is currently being played by French studio Quantic Dream.

In addition, in recent months, several projects have been presented at once in the “star” universe, including a remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and an open-world action game from Massive Entertainment.


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