Disguised advertising has appeared on social network X that cannot

Disguised advertising has appeared on social network X that cannot be blocked.

Users of the social network X (formerly Twitter) reported the appearance of a new type of advertising on the platform. These are unlabeled ads that cannot be liked or shared with other users. In fact, the new format does not reveal who is behind the ad or whether it is an ad at all. At this point, such ads began appearing in the personal feeds of a limited number of X users on mobile devices.

    Image source: Bastian Riccardi / unsplash.com

Image source: Bastian Riccardi / unsplash.com

Ads in the new format contain printed text and a photo, making them appear like an organically designed tweet. However, this type of content is not linked to existing social network accounts and cannot be blocked or reported to the platform’s moderators. We would like to remind you that regular advertising content on the X social network is marked accordingly and is linked to the advertiser’s account on the platform. In contrast, the new advertising content is not labeled as such and can be perceived as a tweet from another user.

According to reports from users who encountered new advertisements in X, when they click on such a tweet, they are redirected to a third-party web resource that opens in a new window. This happens even when you try to click on the avatar in a sponsored post, which appears like a dummy, a smaller version of the image in the tweet. It is currently unknown whether such advertising appeared on the web version of X, as it was only visible on the platform’s mobile applications.

    Image source: X

Image source: X

The presence of such advertising could be an indication that X is having difficulty attracting advertisers to its platform. Half of the largest advertisers stopped working with Twitter shortly after Elon Musk bought the company. In fact, a recent report from Media Matters America found that advertisers returning to the platform are spending up to 90% less on campaigns on Social Media X than before Musk took over. A recent Reuters report also mentioned that X has seen revenue decline every month since the billionaire took over the company.

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