Discord reduces the memory frequency of GeForce graphics cards by

Discord reduces the memory frequency of GeForce graphics cards by 200 MHz – NVIDIA is already fixing the problem

It turned out that using Discord, a popular application for instant messaging and voice communication among gamers, leads to a 200 MHz reduction in the operating frequency of the memory of NVIDIA graphics cards.

    Image source: TechPowerUp

Image source: TechPowerUp

GeForce graphics cards dynamically change memory speeds based on the current graphics load as part of their power plan. Under gaming load, the video memory frequency usually increases to the maximum value specified by the manufacturer. Owners of GeForce graphics cards and part-time users of the Discord application noticed that the specified program running in the background leads to a decrease in the memory frequency of the graphics card by about 200 MHz.

The problem occurs not only under gaming load, but also when using synthetic stress tests, for example, in Furmark. The latter is designed to squeeze all the juice out of graphics cards and check their stability, frequency and temperature gauges.

NVIDIA is aware of this issue and is working on a fix. The manufacturer promised to fix everything in a future GeForce graphics driver update. So far the graphics card manufacturer offered temporary solution. Users are recommended to download and install the GeForce 3D Profile Manager application and use it to manually adjust the memory frequency of the graphics card. However, inexperienced users are advised to wait for the graphics card driver update.

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