Discord adds AI bot AI avatar generator and AI moderators

Discord adds AI bot, AI avatar generator and AI moderators

The Discord platform will soon receive new AI features. In particular, we are talking about integration with the Chatbot service based on ChatGPT, the possibility of creating avatar images using neural networks and the use of artificial intelligence technologies for chat moderation.

    Image source: Discord

Image source: Discord

ChatGPT based Clyde chatbot will be available in all channels. It will be possible to communicate with him personally or in a public chat. He will also have access to Discord tools and will be able to offer GIF images or emojis, for example. The channel admin can enable or disable AI.

ChatGPT developments are also used to extend the capabilities of the AutoMod tool. The latter is already present and allows you to significantly simplify the moderation of messages. ChatGPT allows AutoMod to understand, interpret and apply different rules set by admins for different groups or channels. It also detects intentional typos to avoid being blocked by moderators. The new AutoMod will be able to even recognize users’ intentions.

Finally, users can use generative AI to create “works of art” that can be used in Discord. For example, it will be possible to add moustaches, hats or other graphic elements to one’s own avatar. In addition, it will be possible to use any drawing as a basis for an AI-generated image.

The Discord audience includes 150 million monthly users. According to the service’s leadership, we are now seeing one of the turning points when artificial intelligence technologies have received the potential to transform the way we learn and communicate, new opportunities for entertainment and the manifestation of creative ideas have appeared.

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