Disassembly of the Sony PlayStation Portal revealed poor repairability and

Disassembly of the Sony PlayStation Portal revealed poor repairability and a Qualcomm chip inside

YouTube blogger Jacob R disassembled the Sony PlayStation Portal portable gaming device to assess its repairability and also examine its internal contents. Although he did not act very carefully, this was enough to conclude that repairing the device was problematic.

    Image source: Sony

Image source: Sony

The Sony PlayStation Portal is not a standalone portable gaming console – the device is designed to connect to and stream games from the PlayStation 5 console. On the one hand, this helped reduce the cost of the device to $ 200, on the other hand, it received a modest Qualcomm processor called SG4150P. This is probably Snapdragon 4 Gen 1, but in the console its capabilities are limited only to transferring images and processing data from the game controller. Perhaps in the future, enthusiasts will figure out how to maximize their potential.

But the maintainability of the Sony PlayStation Portal turned out to be a real problem. By simply heating and removing the display from the case, the device could be completely disassembled – and a battery (4370 mAh, 16.9 Wh) was immediately discovered under the screen. This may not be the best solution as exposing batteries to high temperatures is not recommended and it will be extremely difficult to replace a faulty battery yourself.

None of this bothered Sony PlayStation fans: the portable console, which only went on sale in some regions on November 15th, was immediately in short supply – it was sold out almost everywhere.

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