Disassembled Mac Studio and found a slot for a second

Disassembled Mac Studio and found a slot for a second SSD

Just the day before, the Mac Studio computer went on sale, and tech bloggers have already started posting reports on the machine’s internals. In the video, the authors of the YouTube channel Max Tech demonstrated the impressive size of the M1 Ultra chip and a slot for a second solid state drive.

Image source: youtube.com

Image source: youtube.com

Opening the Mac Studio case wasn’t easy: no screws are visible from the outside, but we managed to get to them by carefully removing the rubber ring glued to the base. Almost immediately after removing the cover, an SSD slot was discovered, and the authors of the test came to the conclusion that the configuration of the device could be improved. Apple’s website says the drive is on Mac Studio “not available for user”but perhaps this is not a judgement.

Max Tech suggested that the company will open up another such opportunity in the future as it once did with the Mac Pro. The authors of the review conducted an experiment and without much difficulty pulled the drive from the main slot to connect it to the second. But that won’t work with RAM anymore – it’s soldered onto the M1 Ultra chip itself. Apparently this is one of the reasons why the processor turned out to be very large. In visual comparison, it was about four times larger than the AMD Ryzen 3 3300X.



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