Disappointing hostile attitude The author of a blocked mod for

“Disappointing hostile attitude”: The author of a blocked mod for GTA V with neural network AI criticized Take-Two

After the surprise purchase, players have speculated that Rockstar Games and its parent company Take-Two Interactive have revised their modder policies. However, it turned out that the feud continued: the publisher blocked another popular amateur project for Grand Theft Auto V – Sentient Streets.

    Image source: nexusmods.com

Image source: nexusmods.com

Enthusiast Bloc released Sentient Streets less than a month ago. The mod adds a separate story mode to Grand Theft Auto V with characters whose AI is based on the tool Inworld AI Character Engine (an analogue of ChatGPT adapted for video games). Players can complete tasks and communicate with NPCs on free topics using their own voice via a microphone (the characters’ speech is voiced over a speech synthesizer). ElfLabs). Sentient Streets was distributed free of charge and the source code was available on GitHub.

At Take-Two’s request, the Nexus Mods mod page and videos demonstrating it have been blocked on the creator’s YouTube channel. Additionally, the Netlify site where Bloc posted the mod’s installation guide deleted his account without warning. The version on GTA5-Mods.com was removed from free access by the author himself, fearing a new copyright infringement warning (DMCA). According to the enthusiast, the publisher did not try to contact him – everything happened suddenly.

“I would be happy to discuss this matter with a Take Two representative if they would just email me.wrote Bloc in a post on his YouTube channel. — But they did it all quietly.” “As someone who grew up watching the Grand Theft Auto series and has enjoyed all of its episodes over the years, this attitude towards me and my mod is discouragingly hostile., he admitted. — I hope everyone who enjoyed my work will remember this dishonest act by Take-Two.”

“Rather than chasing after small mods, Take-Two and Rockstar should focus on making high-quality remakes at better prices.” Added block. He also quoted last year’s Rockstar message: “Rockstar has always valued fan creativity and we want content creators to show how much they love our games.”

Gamers started talking about stopping the hunt for modders after Rockstar announced the acquisition of the developers of FiveM and RedM, unofficial tools that allow you to run roleplaying servers in Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2. It is noteworthy that in 2015 the company blocked the accounts of FiveM authors in the Rockstar Social Club and tried to disrupt the development of the project.

Take-Two closed last year Amateur remaster Grand Theft Auto IV and the Ultimately Beautiful Edition mod for the same game, plus VR mods for Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2 by Luke Ross.

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