Digital Shopping Vulnerability Ubisoft Deletes Users Game Account Citing EU

Digital Shopping Vulnerability: Ubisoft Deletes User’s Game Account Citing EU Personal Data Legislation

Earlier this month, a resident of Norway told the publication PCWorld that Ubisoft deleted his account after a year of downtime. According to the user, the company referred to the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). However, the user claims that Ubisoft has violated its own account policies.



A user named Tor, who wished not to disclose the full details, said that he sold the computer in 2020, trying to cope with gambling addiction. After he decided to return to gaming last summer, it was discovered that his Ubisoft account had been deleted. Access to games you have spent on “Hundreds of dollars”, he no longer has.

Thor found out that there was only one inactivity warning from Ubisoft, and that ended up in the spam folder. Ubisoft claims that a deleted account cannot be recovered.

A Ubisoft spokesman said that the company will delete inactive accounts after six months in accordance with its interpretation paragraph 5.1e The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which stipulates how long a business must keep personal data of users.

Istchonik: PC World

A source: PC World

Ubisoft’s user agreement states that the company can send an alert and delete an inactive account after six months. However, the French publishing house told reporters that the company does not tacitly destroy accounts with purchased games – usually three warnings are sent first; in addition, in the entire history of the Ubisoft digital service, accounts have been deleted no earlier than four years after the end of user activity. A Ubisoft spokesman promised to contact Thor.

Be that as it may, when buying digital products, it is worth remembering that there is virtually no full ownership of them and one day they may simply disappear for one reason or another. In addition, it is worth checking your spam folder from time to time – it is possible that important warnings go there.


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