Digital Foundry The canceled local co op in Halo Infinite is

Digital Foundry: The canceled local co-op in Halo Infinite is almost complete

Earlier this month, 343 Industries announced that it had stopped working on local co-op in sci-fi shooter Halo Infinite. However, there is still a bug in the game thanks to which you can access it. Digital Foundry researched the mode and talked about how it works.

    Image source: Xbox Game Studios

Image source: Xbox Game Studios

A specialist from the Digital Foundry department stated that a bug did not cause any serious difficulties and problems when going through the Halo Infinite campaign in split-screen mode. It works under almost the same conditions as the online co-op mode. It is impossible to move far from each other (otherwise death will follow after 10 seconds of warning).

In addition, each of the users will receive personal “achievements” when playing through a bug, and can also change skills and weapons, as well as view the map. On the Xbox Series X, the shooter runs consistently at 60 fps, although the resolution drops below 4K. According to Digital Foundry, 343 Industries has made great strides in developing a joint campaign on one screen and is baffled by its cancellation.

However, problems persist. For example, the time of day is not synchronized between players, and when starting story scenes, one of the users can fall under the textures.

Halo Infinite is available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S.

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