Difficulty with domestication: New World has a funny explanation for the lack of mounts

MMORPG New World from Amazon Games got off to a great start on Steam – the maximum online game on the Valve platform in the first days exceeded 700 thousand users. The developers even had to make a free transfer between servers in order to at least slightly reduce the queues. People are now exploring the world of New World with might and main and are faced with interesting finds. For example, a forum visitor Reddit under the pseudonym Sketchit discovered a funny explanation of why there are no mounts in the project.

Image source: PC Gamer

Image source: PC Gamer

The developers justified the absence of mounts in the history of New World. This is confirmed by a note with the following text: “After a recent string of back injuries, Eternum’s doctors feel it is necessary to issue this warning to anyone transporting goods between settlements: please remember that there are no draft animals on Eternum. Neither horse nor donkey will pull your cart, carry your load, or tolerate the rider. All attempts to tame or re-tame these animals led only to injuries and numerous curses. Therefore, it is important to only carry as much load as your own back can support. Do not overload backs and carts. This is not the Old World. In Eternum, we all have to pull our weights ourselves. Your joints will thank you “

Image source: Reddit

Image source: Reddit

Recall: New World is currently only available on Steam and will not appear on consoles in the near future.


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