Devolver Digital founders new studio will develop therapeutic games under

Devolver Digital founder’s new studio will develop “therapeutic games” under US Department of Health and Human Services supervision

Devolver Digital founder Mike Wilson co-founded DeepWell Digital Therapeutics (DWDT) with medical device expert Ryan Douglas. The new company will develop games designed to help treat various diseases.

Image source: DeepWell Digital Therapeutics

Image source: DeepWell Digital Therapeutics

The founders of DeepWell Digital Therapeutics will also help third-party studios in their search “therapeutic value” in already published projects.

The Verge staff recalled previous studies proving the effectiveness of video games in fighting depression and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Employees of the newly founded DWDT want to further develop this research area.

“A huge amount of scientific experiments have already been carried outsays Ryan Douglas. — We started to realize how therapeutic these games already are.”.

The developer noted that very often a game used in treatment is initially created just like that therapeutic Procedure” with the addition of fun or exciting elements in the gameplay. DeepWell wants developers to create projects that are as enjoyable for players as possible, and only then review their therapeutic value.

“The developers figured out how to increase engagement and get people to do things at an intensity that we’ve had medical problems with.remarked Douglas. — Having fun is the most therapeutic thing.”.

journalists The edge In their article on DeepWell Digital Therapeutics, they felt it necessary to recall that the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved the first prescription video game to treat ADHD back in 2020.

Since then, the agency has approved several other digital therapeutics, and the industry itself has received a boost in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic. Finally, during this time, the FDA allowed companies to sell digital health products in the United States without going through the normal review process.

DeepWell will release its own games designed to prevent a person’s mental state. The company already has a project in development that should be released in early 2023. There are no details yet.

Ryan Douglas is convinced of thatone of the obvious problems “Digital Therapy” is to evaluate its effectiveness – companies have yet to develop a suitable methodology for gaming projects.

The founder of DeepWell believes that games with the given “healing effect” do not need to undergo the same rigorous testing as traditional medicines. This is where the principle comes into play. “substantial equivalence” FDA: New games may be approved by the agency based on the similarity of their key mechanics to those projects that have already been shown to be therapeutic.


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