Details of Skull & Bones appeared on the Web: in the game everything will depend on piastres

New details of the long-term construction of Skull & Bones from Ubisoft have leaked to the Network. As insider Tom Henderson said, in the upcoming online pirate action game, players will have to start with the raft.

Source: Ubisoft

Source: Ubisoft

Players will then be able to assemble a small fishing boat that will allow them to explore the open sea for the first time. And in order to finally get a pirate ship, you have to extract resources and complete various tasks to increase the reputation of your character. It is noteworthy that the player’s progress depends on the amount of money received for completing tasks, carrying out raids and delivering goods, as well as looting settlements.

The insider also said that Skull & Bones will have five levels of ships (depending on size), which are subdivided into three types: cargo, combat and research. To build a ship, players will need a blueprint, as well as materials such as wood, metal, and cloth. Ships can also be upgraded for money, including increased armor, smelters and storage boxes. In addition, players will be able to change the sails and steering wheel.

Skull & Bones is set in the Indian Ocean. The game contains a fictional pirate hideout modeled on the island country of Madagascar. It is argued that the terrestrial parts of the world in which users interact with characters in shelters or shelters are implemented in a third person and do not include combat or parkour elements.

The project was announced at E3 2017. This is the first game developed by the studio Ubisoft Singapore. Initially, it was supposed to be released at the end of 2018, but then it was postponed indefinitely. In September 2020, Ubisoft announced that Skull & Bones development had taken a different direction. This summer, the Kotaku edition shared the details of the difficult fate of the project from informants.

Ubisoft currently plans to release Skull & Bones in the next fiscal year, starting in April 2022.

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