Despair acceptance and memes How the Counter Strike 2 announcement was

Despair, acceptance and memes: How the Counter-Strike 2 announcement was received by Team Fortress 2 fans

portal PC gamer drew attention to how the long-awaited announcement of Counter-Strike 2 was perceived by the community of Valve’s other popular shareware multiplayer game, Team Fortress 2.

    Image Source: Valve

Image Source: Valve

After several years of reaching out to Valve about the bot issue and reconciling the lack of major updates, Team Fortress 2 players responded to the hype surrounding CS2 the old-fashioned way: irony, desperation, acceptance. And memes.

The Team Fortress 2 community doesn’t think much of Counter-Strike 2. Even those who are still hoping for positive news about TF2 agree: Valve definitely made the right choice»and decided to update Counter-Strike at all.

Additionally, players generally seem to have reached the stage of grief acceptance (although some will accept the way things are and can not) and are now trying to squeeze as much comedy as possible out of TF2’s slow-paced journey into the afterlife.

One player threatens to turn TF2 characters into animals before a major patch is released, while another ridicules fans for their reaction to Valve’s decision to update “not a barely working game from almost 20 years ago, full of cheaters and bots”.

    Image Source: Reddit (Fourkad)

Image Source: Reddit (Fourkad)

Meanwhile, the most popular answer is on sincere and somewhat naive questionwhether Valve will adopt the TF2 update after CS2 exhaustive “No”. More than 3.2 thousand people express their solidarity with the author of the comment.

The most encouraging message to the Team Fortress 2 community came from blogger SolarLight: “TF2 fans, let’s not get too jealous. Maybe our time will come in the next decade.”.

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