Desktop CPU shipments plunge 30 in the first quarter as

Desktop CPU shipments plunge 30% in the first quarter as AMD falls slower than Intel

Analysis agency Mercury Research has issued a new report on the central processor market for the first quarter of 2022, which finds a quantitatively significant drop in chip shipments. The desktop segment was hit the hardest, with the largest quarterly drop in processor sales in history of 30%.

    Image source: AMD

Image source: AMD

“Perhaps in 1984 the decline in x86-compatible processor shipments was larger in percentage terms, but definitely not in terms of the number of chips shipped.”says Mercury Research analyst Dean McCarron.

He noted that he could not say more precisely, since it is possible to trace the dynamics of changes in the processor market only up to 1993. Experts cite the unstable geopolitical situation, rising inflation and the expected seasonal fall in demand as the reasons for such a sharp decline in the supply of processors.

Notably, despite a generally difficult first quarter, AMD was able to increase its overall processor market share while chip sales declined more slowly than Intel’s. According to the results of the first quarter, the total share of AMD chips in the market reached 27.7%. This includes all processors manufactured by the company, including custom solutions for gaming consoles and IoT devices. For comparison, in the fourth quarter, AMD’s share was 25.6%, which was a record for AMD in more than 15 years. The overall share of Intel processors, in turn, fell from 74.4% to 72.3% in the first quarter.

    Image source: Mercury Research

Image source: Mercury Research

In the desktop processor segment, AMD increased its share to 18.3%. In the fourth quarter it was 16.2%. At Intel, it fell from 83.8% to 81.7%.

The server segment of AMD processors grew by 11.6% in the first quarter of 2022. In the fourth quarter of last year it was 10.7%. According to analysts, the company reports the 12th consecutive quarter of shipment growth in this segment. Intel’s shipments in this segment declined 0.9 percentage points in the first quarter. Their share was 88.4%. In the fourth quarter of 2021 it was 89.3%.

In the notebook processor segment, AMD increased its share to 22.5% in the first quarter. In the fourth quarter of last year it was 21.6%. Intel’s share was reduced from 78.4 to 77.5 percent.

The ARM processor market, which was driven by sales of Apple computers based on the Apple M1 series processors, rose to 11.3%. In the fourth quarter it was 10.3%. And over the past year, it’s up nearly 5.9 percentage points.

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