Denuvo developers tried to convince gamers that their DRM does

Denuvo developers tried to convince gamers that their DRM does not affect game performance

Denuvo’s digital copyright protection (DRM) does not affect the performance of games that use this protection. About it reported Ars Technica quotes a representative from Irdeto, which bought Austrian developer Denuvo Software Solutions in 2018.

    Image source: Denuvo

Image source: Denuvo

According to Steve Huin, Irdeto’s Marketing Director, the company is well aware of the reputation of its digital security in the gaming community, but in a major interview with Ars Technica, he tried to convince gamers that Irdeto should put enough time into the development of its product invested Make sure it doesn’t have a negative impact on game performance.

Denuvo Digital Security is very popular among game publishers as it is quite successful in helping them protect themselves from pirates. However, the players themselves have an extremely negative attitude towards Denuvo. The latter accuse DRM of slowing down the performance of games, as well as the fact that the protection system “breaks” game mods.

According to Yuin, claims of performance degradation due to the use of Denuvo are just speculation. He argues that gamers almost never get a chance to compare the performance of the same version of a game with and without Denuvo installed. Some game developers using Denuvo officially remove the digital protection a few months or years after the game’s release. This usually happens after several patches and updates released by the game developers themselves. These updates fix various bugs and optimize game performance. Therefore, players can only compare early builds of games (without optimization patches) but with Denuvo, and versions of games already without Denuvo but with released patches containing bug fixes and optimizations.

Yuin states that the Denuvo team not only makes efforts to ensure the security of games, but also thoroughly reviews the performance of digitally protected games to ensure that Denuvo does not affect the performance in any way. In an interview, he stated that Denuvo was “positive force” for the gaming community as a whole, pointing out that anti-piracy technologies not only benefit gamers, but also protect publishers’ investments.

At the same time, he wryly emphasized that he understood that the gaming community would not believe his statements and the statements of the Denuvo developers, even if they themselves say that the claims about the declining performance are true, which in fact is not the case is. For this reason, Irdeto, which bought Denuvo, is currently working on special software that will allow trusted media companies to test the same version of the game with and without Denuvo’s active protection system. Yuin hopes this will successfully debunk all allegations against the company and restore its reputation with players.


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