Dell refuses to use Microsoft Pluton security chips

Dell refuses to use Microsoft Pluton security chips

Dell has stated that it will not use Microsoft’s Pluton technology to secure its products. Instead, the manufacturer will limit itself to its own software and hardware solutions.

Image source: efes /

Image source: efes /

As the representative of the company told the British edition The registryPluton chips “Does not meet Dell’s approach to hardware security and our most stringent commercial PC requirements”. Rather than using Pluton, the company prefers its own software and hardware security solutions, although in the case of hardware security technologies, Microsoft tries to enforce things for some reason. Dell isn’t breaking any bridges just yet, saying it’s monitoring the situation and evaluating Pluton’s performance against other TPM implementations, which means things may change in the future.

Recall that the Pluton chip was introduced two years ago as a product of Microsoft’s collaboration with Intel, AMD and Qualcomm. This is a coprocessor designed to store encryption keys, some credentials and other sensitive information. At the same time, despite its participation in this project, Intel has not yet started to integrate Pluton into its own 12th generation processors, using the Intel Platform Trust Technology component compatible with the TPM 2.0 standard.

Lenovo also doesn’t claim to be a big supporter of Microsoft technology: new ThinkPad series machines with AMD Ryzen 6000 processors ship with Pluton disabled by default. Finally, HP, another major laptop maker, is keeping quiet on the subject for now.



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