Defunct studio Fntastic responded to misinformation from anonymous sources and

Defunct studio Fntastic responded to “misinformation from anonymous sources” and revealed who made money from “The Day Before.”

The Fntastic studio, which published the network shooter The Day Before, which “died” a month and a half after its release, although it was closed in December, continues to defend its good name on social networks.

    Image source: Steam (katokichi)

Image source: Steam (katokichi)

Published on January 24th by the microblog Fntastic opinion the dissolved studio existed “official answer” for several cases “Disinformation from anonymous sources”.

In particular, Fntastic denied allegations of deceiving players (before release they did not accept money for The Day Before, and after its closure they gave refunds to all buyers) and investors with whom the studio still works “Great relationship”.

    Image source: Fntastic

Image source: Fntastic

Fntastic also denied development stories “Anonymous former employees”who, for example, talked about a dismissal without compensation, the MMO myth or the whims of the leaders – the brothers Aisen and Eduard Gotovtsev.

The studio promised to support it “Great relationship” with employees, helped them with moving, medication and mortgages and could also boast “very low” Sales level: “Half” Those fired returned to the team.

    Aisen and Eduard Gotovtsev (Image source: Fntastic)

Aisen and Eduard Gotovtsev (Image source: Fntastic)

Fntastic also dismissed the idea that The Day Before didn’t do justice to the promotional materials: “We implemented everything that was shown in the trailers”except “Pairs of small functions” like Parkour (should appear in version 1.0).

When it launched in early access, Fntastic quickly fixed the biggest problems with The Day Before and published reviews in the first weekend “improved by 7% and could have achieved even more”but generated by some bloggers “Hate has already destroyed the game”.

    Full text of Fntastic's statement (Image source: Fntastic)

Full text of Fntastic’s statement (Image source: Fntastic)

According to Fntastic, the bloggers who created the project made money from The Day Before “inaccurate loud content”. At the same time streamers who “Neither criticism nor praise” I didn’t learn (like Dr. Disrespect), I actually enjoyed the game.

“The Day Before” was released on December 7, 2023, received scathing reviews, failed in sales, and closed on January 22, 2024. However, modders are working on the possibility of continuing the game after the servers are shut down.

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