Deep Rock Galactic gets a single branch with Vampire Survivors

Deep Rock Galactic gets a single branch with Vampire Survivors style gameplay – Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor

Ghost Ship Publishing (publishing branch of the Danish studio Ghost Ship Games) announced three of his first projects, including a new game set in the sci-fi universe of the co-op shooter Deep Rock Galactic.

    Image Credit: Ghost Ship Publishing

Image Credit: Ghost Ship Publishing

We’re talking about a top-down automatic survival shooter Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor for one player – the gameplay analogue of Vampire Survivors. The Danish studio Funday Games is responsible for the development of the project.

Players must slay bugs, extract valuable minerals, upgrade equipment and delve ever deeper into the deadly depths of the planet Hokses-4. Procedural generation of caves and enemy waves helps diversify missions.

The game will be released in Early Access steam until the end of the current year. The launch version promises four characters, more than 30 weapons and 10 types of enemies, up to three bosses, up to five biomes, a variety of missions and a deep progression system.

Coming out of Early Access, which will last six months to a year, Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor will offer more content in each of these areas, as well as a host of new features.

The second game featured is a fantasy map roguelike called SpellRogue by Guidelight Games that compares Ghost Ship Publishing to Slay the Spire. There is no release date but there is a page in it steam.

The third project is DarkSwarm, a fantasy top-down shooter with 4-player co-op, procedural level generation and destructible environments. The Steam page will be available shortly.

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