Deathloop has at least one unsolved secret

Arkane Studios Level Designer Julien Eveille on my microblog reported that there is at least one unrevealed secret left in the recently released roguelike action game Deathloop.

Image Source: Steam (『莉 栖』 ・: * Vincent *: ・)

Image Source: Steam (『莉 栖』 ・: * Vincent *: ・)

By words Eviye, we are talking about a not too well hidden riddle: “This secret is not so hidden, but very much even on the surface. But he relies on a number of not the most obvious hints “

When answering one of the interested users Eviye also let it slipthat the secret consists of two parts: a certain action (or series of actions) on one card and the consequences on the other.

As the portal notes PC Gamer, when working on Deathloop, Eviye was mainly involved in the area Apdaam (noon and afternoon), so the mystery is most likely worth looking for there.

User assumptions about the nature of the secret (and what it is) Eviye one thing per others refuted and give a hint to the disclosure of the secret, seems to be, is not going to.

Image source: Bethesda Softworks

Image source: Bethesda Softworks

Recall that the events of Deathloop unfold on the Black Reef Island, where the mercenary Colt Van gets stuck in a time loop. The hero will have to get out of the cycle, killing eight ideologists in one day.

Deathloop debuted on September 14th on PC (Steam, Bethesda Launcher) and PS5. The game was developed by the Lyon division of Arkane Studios, which recently lost its head.

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