Dead Space remake with New Game mode and handy map

Dead Space remake with New Game+ mode and handy map

Dead Space Remake Senior Writer Jo Berry and Operations Director Joel MacMillan in an interview with Portal the opposite shared new information about the rethink.

    Image source: Electronic Arts

Image source: Electronic Arts

As has become known, in the remake of Dead Space, among other things, the map in the game will be revised. In the original game, it was three-dimensional, annoying players with the inability to navigate terrain quickly.

“You had to shoot it and find the best angle to see the character and the way forward. We simplified the map (now it will be roughly 2D) instead of pumping it up to improve visibility and readability.says Macmillan.

    Image Credit: Steam (punkyplatypus)

Image Credit: Steam (punkyplatypus)

The developers also mentioned the return of the New Game + mode that was included in the original Dead Space in the remake. Berry hints that user “They will definitely win if they go through the Ishimura a second time”.

“New Game +” in Dead Space allowed you to transfer everything collected during the first run (weapons, costumes, upgrades, credits, items) to the second run on the same difficulty. Maybe in the remake the mode will be expanded.

    Image Source: Steam

Image Source: Steam

Keep in mind that according to the conspiracy, the entire crew of the Ishimura ship was killed and infected with alien filth. Engineer Isaac Clark (he speaks now) must figure out what happened and fight back enemy creatures.

Dead Space Remake will be released on January 27th on PC (Steam, EA App, Epic Games Store), PS5, Xbox Series X and S. EA Motive Studio developers promise the spirit of the original source, Frostbite Engine graphics and improved gameplay.

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