DDR5 10224 a new memory overclocking record achieved with a dedicated

DDR5-10224: a new memory overclocking record achieved with a dedicated DDR5 module

The RAM generation, which is quite young compared to the industry, has regularly set new records in global overclocking statistics. The latest achievement in the form of DDR5-10100 mode was made at the end of May, but it took less than a month to update the record. The author of the experiment was supported by Gigabyte and Intel.

    Image Credit: hWBot / Hicookie

Image Credit: hWBot / Hicookie

It should be borne in mind that formally an enthusiast hecookie is an employee of Gigabyte Technology, so part of his job is to promote the brand’s products through extreme overclocking. At least the Gigabyte Z690 Aorus Tachyon motherboard doesn’t let you forget who the main sponsor is. experimentwhich required a certain amount of liquid nitrogen, which in such cases consumed tens of liters.

    Image Source: Database of CPU-Z validation results

Image Source: Database of CPU-Z validation results

The CPU Intel Core i9-12900K was also cooled with liquid nitrogen and was content with the activity of only two cores with four threads, but its frequency of 2130 MHz was not decisive in this case. According to the author of the experiment, the 16GB DDR5 memory module was provided by Intel. The design of the circuit board and the layout of the capacitors on it have been optimized to improve the efficiency of liquid nitrogen cooling. In fact, in single-channel mode, the memory module was able to work at one frequency DDR5-10224 with timings 46-57-57-46-103-2 (tCAS-tRCD-tRP-tRAS-tRC-tCR). This result corresponds to a new world record for overclocking DDR5 RAM.

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