DDR4 memory modules for PCs on chips from used server

DDR4 memory modules for PCs on chips from used server strips flooded the market

DDR4 RAM modules with used chips appeared on the market in large quantities. Unknown craftsmen are removing chips from already-used server DDR4 RAM modules that will be soldered and installed on modules for consumer PCs, the analysis company said TrendForce.

    Image source: samsung.com

Image source: samsung.com

The business model is simple and obvious: it can be done by people who find it cheaper to buy old server memory, strip chips, flash them, and re-solder them on industrial-scale consumer strips than new components to work. These chips have been known to deliver speeds of up to 3200 MT/s, so faster DDR4 DIMMs can be considered fair products. However, TrendForce did not report ways to identify such a thrift store. However, they added that the components are mature components from two major South Korean suppliers, apparently meaning Samsung and SK Hynix.

    Image source: twitter.com/trendforce

Image source: twitter.com/trendforce

DRAM chips are characterized by a relatively long service life, and if the DDR4 sticks are made by a well-known brand and have a guarantee, then in practice it doesn’t matter whether the product is new or not. Although of course it is unethical to pass off used components as new. And from the point of view of environmental protection, this scheme is not so bad either: it is better to reuse working chips than to harm the environment by releasing new chips, but even in this case it is better to disclose such information. Finally, the question remains how to distinguish memory-on-chips from old stock from used components. Explanations on all these points have not yet been made.


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