Dataminer scares the CSGO community with a highly specific and

Dataminer scares the CS:GO community with a “highly specific and unknown” vulnerability that allows it to find out players’ IP addresses

Dataminer Aquarius, recently popular in the CS:GO community sounded the alarm: Valve’s shareware online shooter allegedly has a vulnerability that compromises the security of users’ IP addresses.

    Image source: Valve

Image source: Valve

In a tweet published on August 12, Aquarius said that a vulnerability allows hackers to find out a player’s IP address in CS:GO competitive mode – users of other modes, Counter-Strike 2 and the FACEIT platform have nothing to fear.

Aquarius noted that the chances of becoming a victim of invaders were slim, but recommended staying away from CS:GO matchmaking for the next day. reported about their findings to the developers – they assured that they would investigate the problem.

    Image Source: X (Aquarius)

Image Source: X (Aquarius)

On the evening of August 14, following the results of an additional investigation with another community member, Aquarius is closedWhat “Either the vulnerability doesn’t exist or it’s something very specific and unknown”.

Initially, it was assumed that the problem was in the “Live” section of the “View” tab GOTV: “Even though this gap exists, all information has been shared [Valve]Who will intervene if necessary?.

    Image source: Valve

Image source: Valve

That assured Wassermann “It’s safe to play CS:GO”but to keep their IP address more secure, users can do two things:

  • Set the “Steam Network Features” parameter to “Never” in Steam Settings (“In-game”) – this protects against IP leaks through the lobby;
  • Set the cl_hideserverip parameter to 1 in the CS:GO executable/configuration file – this will prevent the game from showing the player’s public IP address in the console when loading offline games.

CS:GO debuted back in August 2012. Despite its venerable age, the game continues to receive updates (the translation in Source 2 is currently being prepared) and enjoys great popularity – the online peak was passed at the end of May 1.8 million people.

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