Data Protection Commission Human rights activists complained about paid subscriptions

“Data Protection Commission”: Human rights activists complained about paid subscriptions to F******k and I******m

The Austrian human rights organization NOYB (None Of Your Business) has filed a complaint against the Meta company with the authorities in its countrywhich previously introduced paid Facebook subscriptions for EU citizens and Instagram in return for turning off advertising. According to human rights activists, this measure amounts to a fee for maintaining confidentiality.

    Image source: Jürgen Sieber /

Image source: Jürgen Sieber /

Meta has offered European users a paid subscription to comply with new EU rules that require users to be able to opt-out of the collection and use of their data for targeted advertising. The subscription price is estimated at €9.99 when purchased through the web interface or €12.99 when paid through mobile applications for iOS and Android. The user does not have to pay, but in this case he agrees to the collection of his personal data for advertising purposes. According to MetaThis model is an alternative form of advertising-financed service provision and is in line with the ruling of the European Court of Justice in July.

The human rights group NOYB, founded by activist Max Schrems, disagreed with Meta’s interpretation European standards. “EU law requires that consent is a genuine expression of the user’s free will. In contrast to this law Meta “charges a “data protection fee” of up to 250 euros per year if someone makes use of their fundamental right to data protection.”says a statement from NOYB lawyer Felix Mikolasch.

The organization filed a complaint with the Austrian Data Protection Office and criticized more than just the cost of the subscription: “Not only are the costs unacceptable, industry data shows that only 3% of people want to be tracked – while 99% ignore their choice when faced with ‘privacy fees.'” If Meta gets away with itCompetitors will soon follow in their footsteps.”.

In comparison, Netflix’s base price in the region is €7.99, YouTube Premium is around €12 and Spotify Premium is around €11. NOYB, which has previously filed complaints with the Austrian regulator against major tech companies from Google to Meta Regarding data breaches, he called on the authority to immediately investigate the issue and stop Meta and impose a fine on her. The complaint is expected to be referred to the Irish regulator – Meta European HQ is located in this country.

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