Dark Mode in Windows 11 will make system sounds quieter and less annoying

It became known that in Windows 11, not only the user interface has been redesigned, but the system sounds, which will also be different for the light or dark mode of the OS. Microsoft has made system sounds in Dark Mode less harsh and annoying so as not to disturb users, but at the same time, so that notifications reach them.

Image: Bleeping Computer

Image: Bleeping Computer

“Sounds in Windows 10 were harsh; they were literally created using harsh wavelengths. With Windows 11, we focused on keeping you calm. To do this, we had to reevaluate our sound environment to make it quieter. New sounds are created using significantly smoother waves, due to which they become softer, but can still alert / notify you of something as needed. Just as we rounded the user interface visually, we rounded the soundscape to soften the experience. “, – said in a message from Microsoft.

Note that Microsoft is creating different system sounds for the user modes of its operating system for the first time. The idea is that in the light mode, the sounds are louder and brighter, since the user is assumed to be working during daylight hours. If the interface switches to dark mode, the sounds become smoother and quieter, so as not to interfere with the user to continue working at a later time.

It was also said that different sounds will help visually impaired people distinguish between light and dark themes by sounds. “We have presented options for light and dark sounds so that visually impaired people can perceive light and dark themes by ear. Theme sounds increase productivity by matching your style of work through your chosen theme. Dark theme sounds keep you focused, and light theme sounds keep you active. “, – cites the source of the word of a Microsoft representative.

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