Dark corridors and a pet cannon in a fresh trailer

Dark corridors and a pet cannon in a fresh trailer and 12 minutes of gameplay of horror shooter Ripout

The developers at Pet Project Games studio have unveiled a new trailer for their first-person co-op horror shooter Ripout. Special features of the project are the procedural level generation and a pet cannon that can take different forms.

    Image Credit: Pet Project Games

Image Credit: Pet Project Games

Ripout closed beta testing took place in fall 2022. As part of the testing, the developers gathered feedback from the audience and began to implement the features expected by the community in the game. This trailer is dedicated to these innovations.

Pet Project Games expanded the list of available weapons, worked on the feeling of registering a hit on an enemy, increased the protagonist’s movement speed, and added new levels with unique architecture and enemies.

You can also appreciate the efforts of the creators of Ripout with a fresh 12+ minute gameplay video where the main character explores dark corridors, shoots small enemies and collects ammo scattered throughout the level.

Originally, Ripout was supposed to be released before the end of 2022, but later the developers postponed the release to 2023. Previously, the project was planned to be released on PC (steam), PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S. The latest trailer is only for PC.

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