Cybersecurity specialists linked Lapsus attacks to a 16 year old teenager from

Cybersecurity specialists linked Lapsus$ attacks to a 16-year-old teenager from England

According to online sources, information security researchers have managed to link the recent attacks by hacker group Lapsus$ to a 16-year-old teenager living near the English city of Oxford. According to experts, he is the leader of the group and acts as a kind of ideological inspirer.

Image Source: Sergey Shulgin/Getty Images

Image Source: Sergey Shulgin/Getty Images

In recent weeks, the hacking group Lapsus$ has gained notoriety with a series of successful campaigns. NVIDIA, Microsoft, Vodafone, Samsung etc. became victims of hackers. In the course of ongoing attacks, hackers repeatedly succeeded in penetrating the internal IT systems of companies in order to steal source codes and other confidential information.

According to the available data, the researchers were able to identify seven accounts linked to the Lapsus$ hackers, one of which led them to a teenager from Brazil. However, they are certain that the leader of the group is a 16-year-old resident of England, although they have not been able to link him to all of the group’s attacks.

The researchers examined evidence of hacks and public information, based on which they concluded that the mentioned teenager was connected to the group Lapsus$. Information about him is believed to have been leaked by hackers from a rival group. The hacker’s personal details were not disclosed, but it is known that he worked under the nicknames “White” and “Breachbase”. More detailed information on this topic has not yet been announced.



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