Cyberpunk roguelite action game Loopmancer has a release date but

Cyberpunk roguelite action game Loopmancer has a release date, but so far it’s only for PC

Publisher Yooreka Studio and developer of the Chinese studio eBrain announced Release date for his cyberpunk roguelite action game Loopmancer on one of his target platforms.

    Image source: eBrain Studio

Image source: eBrain Studio

Remember that Loopmancer was officially introduced last June. Initial release planned 2021 on PC and 2022 on consoles, but subsequently the premiere was postponed 2022 even for the PC.

As has been announced, Loopmancer will go on sale on July 13 this year for PC (Steam, Epic Games Store). Previously confirmed versions for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch were not mentioned this time.

Loopmancer events will take place in 2046 on the territory of the eastern city of Dragon City. The game tells the story of private detective Xiang Zixue who gets stuck in a time warp after being killed during the investigation.

The developers of Loopmancer promise a fast-paced combat system, seven locations, over 30 enemy types and 100 weapons, Unreal Engine 4 graphics, ray tracing and NVIDIA DLSS support. A demo of the game is available at steam.

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