Cult fantasy adventure Shadowgate gets a real retro sequel after

Cult fantasy adventure Shadowgate gets a real retro sequel after 35 years – first trailer for Beyond Shadowgate

American independent studio Zojoi announced Beyond Shadowgate is the sequel to the 1987 Shadowgate adventure that foreshadowed Grim Fandango, Broken Sword, Blade Runner, and other classic quests.

    Image Source: Steam (Naota)

Image Source: Steam (Naota)

The project is positioned as a real continuation of Shadowgate. A game called Beyond Shadowgate was released for the PC Engine console back in 1993, but the new incarnation will be closer to the authors’ original idea.

Beyond Shadowgate is made in the style of NES games (graphics, sound), but with a number of conveniences for modern gamers: fast travel, hint system, day and night switching, animations.

    Image source: Zojoi

Image source: Zojoi

The developers of Beyond Shadowgate promise to surpass the original game in scope: more rooms (four times compared to the first part), NPCs, items, monsters, deaths, puzzles and two alternative endings.

In the story, a humble Fenling named Del Thornburrow, who has escaped from the dungeon, will embark on a journey to learn the limits of his abilities and uncover insidious plans that threaten to plunge the land into darkness.

Beyond Shadowgate does not yet have a release date or target platforms but has February 18th kickstarter a campaign to raise funds for development has begun. Those who supported the project are promised, among other things, a demo with the first 18 rooms.

Zojoi consists of the former creators of Shadowgate, including the game’s original co-creator Dave Marsh. In 2014, the studio released a remake of Shadowgate on PC and ported it to PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in 2019.

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