Cubot KingKong Star rugged smartphones Cubot Note 50 rugged smartphones

Cubot KingKong Star rugged smartphones, Cubot Note 50 rugged smartphones and Cubot TAB KingKong tablet go on sale August 7 with discounts of up to 50%

Chinese smartphone and wearable device maker Cubot announces upcoming event Cubot mega dealdedicated to the world premiere of three new products – a robust smartphone Cubot King Kong Star Dual screen smartphone Cubot Note 50 with high functionality and robust tablet Cubot TAB KingKong. From August 7th to 11th all new items are available with a significant discount of up to 50%.

The rugged flagship smartphone Cubot KingKong Star, which can become a reliable companion for adventurers and fans of an active lifestyle, is equipped with a 7nm eight-core processor and 5G connectivity, which guarantees high performance and stable operation. The 6.78-inch 2K FHD+ display delivers bright, true-to-life images with high resolution.

What sets the KingKong Star apart from other mobile devices on the market is its durability: the IP68/IP69K waterproof and dustproof design allows it to withstand harsh environmental conditions with ease.

With 100MP Ultra HD triple camera and 24MP night vision camera, users can capture life’s unforgettable moments with professional quality. KingKong Star offers all adventure lovers the perfect combination of toughness and sophistication.

The Cubot Note 50 smartphone is the epitome of style and performance. The novelty comes in four colors: black, purple, blue and green, allowing users to choose the most suitable option to express their unique style. The powerful processor, together with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB flash memory, ensures stable multitasking and offers enough storage space for all necessary files. The 6.56-inch IPS touchscreen ensures bright, detailed images and smooth video playback. With a 50MP phase-detection autofocus camera, users can capture every moment of action with high clarity and detail. A 5200 mAh battery with support for fast charging guarantees long battery life.

The indestructible Cubot TAB KingKong Tablet will be the perfect companion for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. The tablet has IP68 and IP69K ratings for protection against moisture and dust, shock and extreme temperatures, which allows it to be used in the most adverse conditions, whether you’re hiking in difficult terrain or doing work assignments in a hot store.

The octa-core processor MediaTek MT8788 with up to 16 GB of RAM guarantees high performance in solving any tasks. A 10.1-inch FHD+ IPS display delivers bright, crisp images, while a 16-megapixel front camera records every action.

In the context of this event Cubot mega deal tablet Cubot TAB KingKong can be purchased for only $149.99. The discount is 36% off the retail price of $249.99 (including $10 with promo code CUBTABKK). Price Cubot King Kong Star considering an additional $10 discount with promo code KKSTAR10, the amount is $189.99. Price Cubot Note 50 Considering an additional $5 discount with promo code NOTE50, the amount is $94.99.

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