CS2 is reality Valve has registered new brands for Counter Strike

CS2 is reality? Valve has registered new brands for Counter-Strike

Rumors about the release of the Counter-Strike 2 beta version are getting more and more confirmation. Previously, references to the game could be found in the Steam code, now Valve itself has registered trademarks dedicated to the new part of the network shooter.

    Image source: uspto.report

Image source: uspto.report

On March 17, Valve registered two trademarks: CS2 And counterstrike. She applied for it on March 14. In this regard, fans decided that the developer would still update Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, dropping the subtitle and releasing the shooter on the Source 2 engine.

According to esports journalist Richard Lewis, Valve should start beta testing Counter-Strike before the end of March this year (or early April). According to its sources, the shooter will offer official servers with a tickrate of 128, which will increase the accuracy of shooting and reduce the actual lag between users.

However, according to Tyler McVicker, don’t expect much from Counter-Strike. According to the blogger, Valve is updating the shooter to support materials from the Steam Workshop and there will be no major changes.


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