Cryptotrader hamster Mr. Goxx dies – during his life he has increased assets by 25%

Hamster-crypto trader Mr. Goxx has died, the owner broadcast the process of trading cryptocurrencies on Twitch. The owner announced the death of the pet on Twitter. Over the course of its life, the hamster has managed to increase the value of its digital asset portfolio by 25%.

Source: Mr. Goxx

Source: Mr. Goxx

“We were afraid of this day and shocked by what happened. It is with deepest sorrow that we report the death of our furry friend. Mr. Goxx brought joy to many and reminded us not to take life too seriously. “, – wrote the owner Mr. Gox on Twitter. The cause of death of the pet is unknown, but the owner noted that he had problems with mites and kidneys.

Mr. Goxx became a project of an unknown crypto trader who built a special cage for a pet that allows trading cryptocurrency. With the help of the running wheel, he chose the currency, and sold and bought tokens by passing through special tunnels. The project ran from June 12 to November 22, until the pet died. He managed to increase the portfolio size by € 98.2 with a starting amount of € 390.

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