Cryptocurrency Fever Bitcoin Regained Its 30000 Price

Cryptocurrency Fever: Bitcoin Regained Its $30,000 Price

Bitcoin has regained part of the long decline of late. The cryptocurrency returned to the $30,000 mark and regained around $3,000 in value. This is evidenced by data from Coindesk.

    Source: Coindesk

Source: Coindesk

During the day, the token is up 9% in price. At the moment, the price rose to $30.9K but later corrected to $30.1K, which is likely due to a slight strengthening of stock indices over the past day, including tech exchange Nasdaq.

The day before, the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency fell below $27,000, at the moment the price of bitcoin is $26.2,000 per piece. This rapid decline is due to the high inflation rate in the United States, which was 8.3% last month. This likely frightened investors, leading to the sale of risky assets.


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