CrossOver 23 utility released with DirectX 12 support to run

CrossOver 23 utility released with DirectX 12 support to run Windows games on Mac and Linux

Back in June, CodeWeavers announced a major update that added DirectX 12 support to the CrossOver utility for running Windows games on the Mac. Since then, the new technology has been in beta testing and is now available to all CrossOver 23 users. It allows DirectX 12 games direct access to GPU functions, improving performance and graphics quality. Previous versions of CrossOver were only compatible with DirectX 11.

    Image source: CodeWeavers

Image source: CodeWeavers

Unfortunately, DirectX 12 support in CrossOver is currently only compatible with certain games – Diablo II Resurrected and Diablo IV. CrossOver developer CodeWeavers is working on it “Actively pushing for support for more DirectX 12 games”. Other games still have to fall back to earlier versions of DirectX for the time being.

In addition to DirectX 12, CrossOver 23 also introduces support for geometry shaders and transform feedback, which solves the problem that some games suffer from screen dropouts or black screens in gameplay. The new version also adds support for Electronic Arts’ new game launcher, which will eventually replace Origin.

CrossOver is a popular platform for macOS, Linux, and ChromeOS that allows all of these systems to run Windows applications as if they were native. Most users use CrossOver to run games developed for Windows on Mac and Linux computers.

With its upcoming Sonoma OS, Apple has announced a new game porting tool that will allow developers to port Windows games to the Mac with minimal effort. The tool is based on Wine, a popular open source platform that translates Windows software into Unix environments. Apple’s tool is said to be able to translate DirectX 12 applications to the Apple Metal 3 platform in real time.

The Apple Game Porting Tool won’t be available until after the official release of Apple’s new operating system, so it won’t be until the fall, but for now, users can download CrossOver 23. The annual license costs $64, but for a limited time there is a special discount code LEVELUP23.

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