Crimson Desert developer’s find director explained the recent relocation of the game by unwillingness to repeat the path of Cyberpunk 2077

Pearl Abyss CFO Suk Woo Cho in an interview with Korean portal Game insight explained the recent postponement of Crimson Desert by the unwillingness of the team to repeat the path of Cyberpunk 2077.

Image source: CD Projekt RED

Image source: CD Projekt RED

Recall that the release of the cyberpunk action movie CD Projekt RED was postponed three times, but at the launch the game suffered from a large number of technical problems (especially on PS4 and Xbox One), which the developers are still fixing.

“Downgrading quality to meet the deadline, as was the case with Cyberpunk 2077, does not align with Pearl Abyss’s development goals. We work hard to achieve AAA quality and depth with Crimson Desert. “Cho assured.

Image source: Pearl Abyss

Image source: Pearl Abyss

It is noteworthy that shortly after publication, the mention of Cyberpunk 2077 from the Game Insight material disappeared (you can still find it in Internet Archive). Pearl Abyss probably thought the statement was incorrect.

As for Crimson Desert, the game is an action-adventure game set in the world of Black Desert. The project was supposed to be released this winter on PC and consoles, but at the end of July the release was postponed indefinitely.

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