Counter Strike 2 features CSGOs first completely redesigned map and new

Counter-Strike 2 features CS:GO’s first completely redesigned map and new water physics – players can’t get enough of it

Featuring a July 17 patch to the Trial version of Valve’s multiplayer shooter Counter-Strike 2 added two new maps and an additional mode, but this wasn’t the most significant change for the players.

    Image Source: Twitter (Gabe Follower)

Image Source: Twitter (Gabe Follower)

The update replaced the Office and Nuke maps with Overpass (the first created from scratch for Counter-Strike 2) and Vertigo. The former is available in Deathmatch, Normal, Competitive, and Teammates modes, while the latter is only available in Casual and Deathmatch.

Teammates made their debut in Counter-Strike 2 along with the redesigned Overpass and Vertigo. This mode features 2v2 combat on smaller maps with a single bomb site.

portal Dexerto noted that the players of the latest patch were not interested in new content, but in the undocumented transfer of water physics to the Source 2 engine, which made them more realistic – players can’t get enough of it.

Demonstrations of renewed water Counter Strike 2 microblogging And Dataminer Aquarius Accumulate millions of views. “I’m not the type of guy who likes graphics in games other than weapon skins, but it’s pretty damn cool.”speaks Nadeshot.

How noticed According to dataminer Maxim Poletaev (aka Gabe Follower), every major patch of Counter-Strike 2 here demonstrates another new Source 2 feature, be it dynamic smoke or bottled liquids from Half-Life: Alyx.

What to expect next is unclear, but the developers are clear about it have plans. Counter-Strike 2 is still in limited testing and full release is expected before the end of the summer.


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