Corsair introduces the Vengeance DDR5 7000 dual 24GB memory kit

Corsair introduces the Vengeance DDR5-7000 dual 24GB memory kit

Corsair has released a fast Vengeance DDR5-7000 RAM kit in the form of two 24GB modules. Previously, the manufacturer released memory kits with a total capacity of 48 GB (two modules of 24 GB each), 96 GB (2 × 48 GB) and 192 GB (4 × 48 GB), but with speeds of 5200 and 5600 MT / S.

    Image source: Corsair

Image source: Corsair

For the presented set of memory modules Vengeance DDR5-7000 with a capacity of 48 GB, the manufacturer indicates the timings 40-52-52-114. The memory runs at 1.4V and supports Intel XMP 3.0 overclocking profiles.

Vengeance DDR5-7000 RAM modules are equipped with heat sinks. The latter is offered with or without RGB lighting. A set of two Vengeance DDR5-7000 RGB-backlit RAM modules cost $285. The non-RGB version is available for $275. Both options are already available on the manufacturer’s website.

The manufacturer also announced the cost of Vengeance DDR5-5200 RAM kits with a total volume of 192 GB in the form of four memory modules with a capacity of 48 GB each and with timings of 38-38-38-84. The RGB version of the kit retails for $750 from Corsiar, while the non-illuminated version retails for $725.


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