Core Keeper authors launched dedicated servers and talked about a

Core Keeper authors launched dedicated servers and talked about a big update with islands and boats

Developer from Swedish studio Pugstorm officially started dedicated servers for its co-op sandbox, Core Keeper. In addition, the authors shared the details of The Sunken Sea’s first major update, which will add new content and game mechanics, including a large biome and boats.

    Image source: Pugstorm

Image source: Pugstorm

Dedicated server support has been one of the most requested features for gamers. The creators realized that they had been looking for ways to implement it since it was released in Early Access, and in late April they began recruiting players to test the feature on the experimental branch. Feedback and bug reports helped fix it “many subtle problems.”

At the same time, the ability to create multiplayer worlds in the old way remained. Self-hosted players are now using the Steam backend to connect players, which helps resolve many of the issues reported by users. Also, a management feature has surfaced: the host can ban players from their worlds no matter how the server is created.

Patch 0.3.12 also introduced the item amplification mechanic and a number of Quality of Life improvements, changed the repair system and increased the maximum health of bosses. For a full description see Steam Community.

The Sunken Sea update will be released in June and will add a huge water biome with islands. At the same time, it will be possible to travel by boat, which will save players from spending too much wood on building bridges. In addition, there will be new types of weapons (including legendary), equipment, fish, plants, food and items for building a base, four types of opponents, a boss titan, a new type of ore, teleporters, sprayers, new markers on the map and an additional level of jewelry workbench upgrades.

A full demo of The Sunken Sea will take place on June 12th as part of the PC Gaming Show. In the future, the developers will release at least two more content updates – with desert and crystal biomes.

In Core Keeper, users explore a procedurally generated dungeon alone or with up to eight players. You must gather resources, build a base, fight monsters, craft items, grow crops, fish, and cook food to uncover the mystery of the ancient core.

Release in Early Access steam took place on 03/08/2022. The game’s first week of sales exceeded 250,000 copies, and two weeks after release they reached 500,000 units. The sandbox has received more than 9300 reviews on the site and has a rating of 89%. The final release is expected before the end of the year.

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