Copilot will help users understand the meaning of text in

Copilot will help users understand the meaning of text in Notepad

Microsoft confirmedthat Copilot AI service features will soon appear even in the basic text editor Notepad – members of the Windows Insiders program will be the first to try the new features in the Canary and Dev channels of Windows 11 preview versions.

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For the first time, information about the integration of Copilot into Notepad appeared about a month ago, and now Microsoft has confirmed the rumors, although it went almost unnoticed against the backdrop of the appearance of the “sudo” command in Windows. Even a simple text editor is not immune to Microsoft’s obsession with artificial intelligence. The new feature is implemented without any special effects, rather unobtrusively.

By opening a text file in Notepad, the user can select a fragment of it, press the Ctrl+E key combination or select the “Explain with Copilot” option, after which the AI ​​assistant will provide its explanations for this fragment. This can be useful when examining log files, code segments, or any other content, Microsoft said. And while there is no guarantee that this innovation will become publicly available – the developer often uses the Windows Insider program to test ideas.

The company has prepared another useful innovation. In the Scissors utility, you can now add various geometric shapes to screenshots – this will save users from having to open a graphics editor to select something in the screenshot.

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