Cooperative shooter ARC Raiders has changed genre and will now

Cooperative shooter ARC Raiders has changed genre and will now look like Escape from Tarkov – a closed “alpha” will take place on Steam

When gamers last heard of ARC Raiders in August 2022, it was a third-person shareware co-op action game that lost the title of Embark Studios’ first release to online team-based shooter THE FINALS. Now the project is positioned differently.

    Image Credit: Embark Studios

Image Credit: Embark Studios

Remember that in Spring 2022, Embark Studios began developing concepts and prototypes of the PvP mode set in the ARC Raiders universe. How became knownAs a result of the development of this direction, the game turned into an evacuation PvPvE shooter with elements of survival, that is, an analogue of Escape from Tarkov.

According to Alexander Grondal (Aleksander Grondal), executive producer of ARC Raiders, the new genre chosen for the game seems promising for the team and corresponds to the spirit of the project universe. Players must roam for supplies while battling other humans and AI-controlled robots.

The events of ARC Raiders take place on the planet Calabretta, which is under attack by mechanized ARC invaders. Humans have taken refuge in the underground colony of Speranza and are in need of resources. User-controlled raiders must attack them on dangerous missions.

ARC Raiders is being made for PC (steam, Epic Games Store), PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S. Next summer, Steam will host a closed alpha test (participants must sign a non-disclosure agreement). You can sign up as a volunteer on the game page in Valve Service (Request Access button).

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