Cooler Master presents silent 750W power supplies and compact models

Cooler Master presents silent 750W power supplies and compact models up to 1300W

Since the most powerful computer components not only require more power with each new generation, but are also being converted to new connections and energy standards, further development in the power supply segment is unavoidable. The Cooler Master brand introduced power supply models at Computex 2023 that deliver up to 750W of power with no moving parts in the cooling system and also offer up to 1300W of power in a compact SFX design.

As explained Tom’s hardwareThe X Silent series includes two power supplies up to 750W, one of which is completely fanless thanks to the use of a vaporization chamber and a system of radiators connected by heat pipes, and the second is equipped with a very silent RGB fan that works only in an emergency rotates at low speed. In the future, as the manufacturer promises, the maximum power of power supplies in a silent version will be increased beyond the threshold of 750 watts.

The V SFX Platinum series power supplies offer up to 1300 W of power in a compact 100 x 125 x 63.5 mm housing. All presented Cooler Master power supplies comply with ATX 3.0 and PCI Express 5.0 standards and are equipped with 12VHPWR cables for connecting modern flagship graphics cards. High-quality Japanese capacitors are used as the element base.

Cooler Master will also offer separate 12VHPWR L connection cables to make it easier to connect modern graphics cards to space-constrained cases. The modular principle of connecting the cable to the PSU itself allows the user to choose the right cable option, even if it does not comply with the ATX 3.0 standard.

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