Cooler Master equips new GX III Gold power supplies with

Cooler Master equips new GX III Gold power supplies with a 12VHPWR angle cable and reduced operating temperature

With its latest ATX 3.0 compatible GX III Gold 850W power supply, Cooler Master delivers a new one to its customers “Reliable 12VHPWR 90 degree cable”, which generates less heat during operation and is more durable than standard 12VHPWR cables. The new cables aim to provide users with the following “Increased Security” And “lower temperatures”and the 90 degree connector prevents cable wear from severe bending.

    Image source: CoolerMaster

Image source: CoolerMaster

Cooler Master’s new 12VHPWR cables have 25% thicker pins than standard 12VHPWR connectors and feature four spring-loaded contact points instead of two. Cooler Master states that its connector offers a 5 degree temperature reduction compared to a standard connector, requires 12% more release force and offers 45% less contact resistance.

12VHPWR connectors have been known to melt if mismated. Therefore, manufacturers are doing their best to improve the standard. Let’s hope that all future power supplies with 12VHPWR connectors will implement similar improvements and that the planned PCI-SIG 12V2x6 standard that will replace the 12VHPWR will be free from the shortcomings of its predecessor.


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