Continues to ignore reality Microsoft responded to the US Federal

“Continues to ignore reality”: Microsoft responded to the US Federal Trade Commission complaint regarding layoffs at Activision Blizzard

Microsoft answered on the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) complaint to the appeals court regarding the wave of layoffs announced by the company at the end of January in its gaming division.

  Image Source: Activision

Image Source: Activision

Let us remind you that as part of the cuts, more than 1,900 employees of Microsoft and its gaming companies, including Activision Blizzard, will remain unemployed – it will account for almost half of all laid off, 899 people.

The FTC considered that the decision on mass layoffs contradicts Microsoft’s commitments voiced during the litigation to maintain the operational independence of Activision Blizzard after its acquisition.

  Image source: IGN

Image source: IGN

Microsoft called the FTC allegations “misleading”: in accordance with emerging trends, Activision Blizzard planned to eliminate “weighty” number of jobs and before the merger with the platform holder.

Thus, the recent announcement of layoffs at Activision Blizzard “cannot be entirely explained by absorption”. At the same time, Microsoft admits that some positions were eliminated as a result of duplication in both companies.

  Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment

Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment

By opinion Microsoft, FTC “continues to ignore reality”that since her July loss in court, the deal has changed: the company did not acquire the rights to stream Activision Blizzard games in the United States and agreed with Sony about Call of Duty on PlayStation.

The wave of Microsoft layoffs has affected many of Activision Blizzard’s studios, including Sledgehammer Games, Toys 4 Bob and Blizzard itself. The latter, among other things, was forced to cancel the ambitious survival simulator.

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